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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Love is in the air! A wedding is a very special occasion for everyone involved, so celebrate love with a unique personalised wedding gift. YourSurprise offers a wide range of gifts for the bride, groom, guests , bridesmaids and groomsmen.



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An original wedding gift

If someone you know is tying the knot soon and you’re struggling to think of an original gift for their special day, why not go with a personalised gift? It will always remind them of their day. YourSurprise offers gifts that can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it very easy to create a personal gift that will stand out.

Tips for the best gifts

You’re looking to surprise the happy couple with something they’ll love and can use. We’ve put together some tips to help you find the perfect gift.

  • For gastronomes If the bride and groom are true gastronomes or foodies, they will enjoy eating tasty treats from their very own engraved serving platter while sipping a drink. A champagne gift set with engraved glasses would also make a great gift for this pair, as they can enjoy it together.

  • For Netflix lovers The happy couple may be the type of people that enjoy a nice weekend in bed binging Netflix. Why not gift them their very own personalised Mr & Mrs duvet cover? It will keep them nice and cosy.

Wedding favours from the bride and groom

You will want to thank all of your guests for being part of your special day. Many couples opt to give their guests favours in order to show their appreciation. You could give them chocolates featuring your photo, and send everyone a personalised photo card with a message after the wedding. If you’d like to give the guests a gift featuring themselves, you could go with a polaroid print, so that they can look back on the special day they shared with you.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

It’s always tricky to determine how much you should spend on the happy couple. In order to make it a little easier, we’ve gathered some tips for you:

  • Colleagues and acquaintances: if you’re attending a colleague or acquaintance’s wedding, spending around £20 - £40 is the norm. How much you actually spend depends on whether or not you’re attending alone and if you are there for the full day or reception only.

  • Close friends and family: when attending a close friend or family member’s wedding, spending between £50 - £150 is considered normal. There’s a big difference here, of course. If you are, for instance, helping out during the preparations or on the day, you could spend less on the gift.

  • Other friends and family: if you are attending a wedding that isn’t that of a close friend or family member, spending between £35 - £50 would be considered the norm.

We have plenty of fun gifts that fit any budget, whether you’re buying your own or all chipping in together. If you’re all chipping in, why not consider putting together a few different gifts? All the more fun for the bride and groom!

Should you give them a gift or money?

While many couples have a preference for receiving money rather than a gift on their big day, there are people who don’t feel comfortable just handing over an envelope, as it can feel a bit boring and lacking in festiveness. You should do whatever makes you comfortable of course! You can choose to give them a nice gift, or even add a smaller personalised gift for a touch of fun if you do prefer to give money.

Select the best photo of the happy couple that you have and have this printed on a set of mugs, a bottle of champagne or a duvet cover to create the perfect original photo gift.

Wedding gift etiquette

A wedding can come with unwritten rules, expectations and misconceptions. We’ve put together a list of tips and misconceptions for you:

  • Until how long after the wedding can you give the gift? It has been said that this can be up to a year after the wedding, but that isn’t the case. You should give the gift on the day itself, placing it on the gift table.

  • How much should you spend? The bride and groom may have high expectations, but you are in charge of what you spend. Make sure you don’t spend more than you should!

  • What kind of gift should you give? You need to give a gift that you will enjoy giving, but make sure that you keep in mind what will make the bride and groom happy. - Should I give the gift at the wedding? At most weddings, the norm is to place your gift on the gift table instead of giving it straight to the bride and groom. Don’t forget to add a card, so that the happy couple know who it’s from!