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Becoming a mum and getting to celebrate your first Mother’s Day is a truly special moment! Do you know someone who is celebrating their first Mother’s Day? Surprise her with a unique personalised gift!

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First Mother's Day 2024

The arrival of a child is a special moment in every family's life. For this reason, the moment of celebrating parenthood for the first time is not to be underestimated. In particular, the First Mother's Day, which this year is celebrated on Sunday 19 March, is an event full of emotion. If you know someone who is to celebrate their first Mother's Day, such as your partner or a friend, there are many ways you can surprise them.

The best First Mother's Day gifts for a newborn baby

Are you looking for a unique gift for the First Mother's Day? Usually for this special occasion you choose a gift that represents the baby's first year and at the same time brings attention to the mother. There are various gifts for new mothers and babies, such as:

  • Personalised bodysuit: what could be cuter than a personalised bodysuit with a sweet text? You can choose a nice design and add a sweet inscription such as "The best mum in the world" or "Happy First Mother's Day"
  • Photo Prints: Do you have a sweet shot of the little one with his beloved mum? Print it on a material of your choice. You can customise the photo on wood, aluminium, canvas... Choose the best material for your needs and make a beautiful photo print. You can also add a text of your choice
  • Personalised Plush: have a photo printed on a soft plush! Choose your favourite animal, add a photo and a sweet message
  • Personalised Book for Mum: who doesn't love a good book? And if it is personalised with the name of the mother and baby, then it can only be even more special. This way she will be the real protagonist of the story in a fun and unique way!

All our gifts can be personalised quickly and easily. Just enter your photo, text or name in the editor and we will print your customisation for you. You can also choose to send your gift directly to the recipient's address, so receiving it will be a real surprise! If you are looking for more ideas, take a look at all of our Mother's Day gifts. All our gifts can be personalised quickly and easily. Just enter your photo, text or name in the editor and we will print your customisation for you. You can also choose to send your gift directly to the recipient's address, so receiving it will be a real surprise!

First Mother's Day Ideas

The first months of a newborn's life are so special that you have probably taken lots of photos. Whether you're the baby's aunt, the baby's daddy or a family friend, you're sure to have a smartphone gallery full of sweet photos. Why not make a selection of these shots and create a unique gift for the First Mother's Day? For example, you can create a personalised photo album, to which you can add 40 photos and texts of your choice. Alternatively, you can print the photos in retro style and give them as a gift in a box. This way it is up to the recipient to decide how best to use them!

What to buy for the first Mother's Day?

The very first Mother's day brings a myriad of new feelings, emotions, and experiences together. It is a chance to shower the new mum with tokens of appreciation, love, and recognition of her courage in this new journey. Whether you're her partner, a close friend, or a family member, finding the perfect gift for a First Mother's day becomes a way to show them how much she is admired and loved. Looking for ideas on what to give on this special day? Let's explore some fantastic options.

  • Get a gift for the baby: It's her first Mother's Day, so why not surprise the mum by getting a much-needed item for the baby? You can consider new clothes, baby care items, or even a special toy. The thoughtfulness of your gift will not only express your appreciation for her new role but also demonstrate your collective investment in the baby's wellbeing.
  • Get a special gift just for her: This day is, after all, a celebration of her motherhood. Consider gifts that pamper and allow her to unwind. A home spa kit or a luxurious bathrobe can be ideal. You can also opt for a personalised piece of jewellery, or a coffee mug with her new 'Mum' title. Such gifts can truly highlight the personal and emotional bond between the two of you and the new baby.
  • Surprise her with a traditional gift: Classic Mother's Day gifts never fail to impress. Beautiful bouquets or delicious chocolates are always a good option. These traditional gifts can bring a smile to her face on her very first Mother's Day.
  • Walk down the memory lane with her: Make her first Mother's Day memorable by taking her down memory lane. Assemble a beautiful photo album featuring pictures from her pregnancy journey and the first few days of the baby's arrival. You could also write her a heartfelt letter, sharing your observations and feelings on the journey you've both undertaken. These sweet, personalised touches can turn a simple gift into an unforgettable keepsake.

First mother's day gift ideas from husband

Ever asked yourself: How can I surprise my wife on her first Mother's Day?

Finding the ideal first Mother's Day gift can often prove to be a daunting task. However, with a touch of thoughtfulness, it can turn into a heartfelt gesture that will stay with her for a lifetime. Here are some first mother's day gift ideas for a time she won't forget:

  1. A bouquet of flowers with a personalised card with a photo of her and the baby
  2. A personalised keyring with a memory of the updated family
  3. An engraved keyring with the date of birth of the baby or a text such as "The best mum"
  4. A scented candle with her name on it
  5. A cute and colourful personalised pillow
  6. A printed fleece blanket with a photo