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Looking to surprise a woman in your life with a personalised gift? Check out our wide range of birthday gifts for women. As each gift can be personalised with a photo, text or name, you will always be gifting her a truly unique gift.

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Birthday gift ideas for her

Birthdays are one of the most anticipated times of the year. There may be some dread that day because of the passing of time, but most look forward to receiving the best birthday present!

If the special woman in your life is celebrating her special day, why not surprise her with a unique and thoughtful birthday gift?

Say goodbye to boring birthday presents for the special women in your life! Whether she is a fashionista, a foodie or someone who loves to collect memories and photos, we have the perfect gift to make her birthday extra special. From a stylish and cute suitcase to personalised, shiny jewellery to kitchen gadgets and wall decorations, our selection of birthday gifts will make her laugh and love every second of her special day. What are you waiting for? Follow our tips and make her birthday the best ever!

5 Original Gifts for a Woman's Birthday

You won't want to surprise the birthday girl with the same gift she has already received in the past. Originality is key here!

So what are the most original birthday presents for women? Here are our suggestions:

An XXL chocolate bar by her favourite brand featuring a sweet message and photo

A unique piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, featuring her name or a bracelet engraved with her initials

Wooden panels to hang on the wall featuring a photo collage

A tea box with a selection of teas and a personalised engraved mug

A water bottle personalised with a photo or name

What can I give a woman for her birthday?

There are no fixed rules when thinking of a birthday present for her. Every woman is unique and therefore might like something different from another woman in her life.

Some might like to spend their birthday doing a fun outdoor activity, while others might prefer to stay at home, cosy up and watch a movie.

We have some birthday gift ideas for her depending on personality:

A spa day for the busy mum: You can surprise her with a personalised birthday gift set including various beauty products and/or organise a relaxing day at a spa for her.

A weekend getaway for the travel lover: If you have a bigger budget, a special weekend at a secret location is definitely the best birthday present for your girlfriend, wife or friend, especially if she loves travelling. Give her a personalised travel diary so that she can write down all her memories of the outing.

A cooking class for the aspiring chef: Does she brag about her cooking skills? Put her to the test with a cool cooking class. Don't forget to buy her a lovely customised apron to start her off in the best way!

What is the best birthday present for your girlfriend?

When it comes to choosing a birthday present for your girlfriend, all you have to do is think about her. What does she like? Does she have any hobbies or special interests?

If you can't answer these questions or can't think of any brilliant ideas, you can always give her something that has special meaning for the two of you. How about a nice album full of photos from your last holiday? Or maybe a poster frame to hang in her room or home!

If, on the other hand, the gift is for your wife, there are many other birthday gifts designed for her that you can choose from. Here are a few:

A personalised piece of jewellery engraved with a name or photo

A bouquet of dried flowers with a personalised greeting card

A personalised bottle of her favourite wine

A box of chocolates featuring a photo or special message

A soft, warm bathrobe embroidered with her name

The funniest birthday gifts for her

Does your girlfriend have an unmistakable sense of humour? Then her birthday present should reflect this. Maybe you have a funny joke among friends or you always tease her about her funny faces every time you take a picture. Speaking of funny birthday presents for a woman, did you know that you can put a picture on just about any of our gifts?

A funny face on a customised ItsieMe bunny; socks with her photo printed on them; a bottle of her favourite liquor and so much more! Discover all of our fantastic photo gifts and find the most unique one to suit her.

Greeting Cards for Women

Personalised greeting cards for women are the perfect way to show the ladies in your life that you care. Add a personal touch to the card by adding your name and a special message. Not only are these cards unique and precious, but they also show that you made an extra effort to make her birthday exciting. With a wide variety of designs and themes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect card for the woman in your life. Whether she's your mother, sister, wife or best friend, a personalised birthday card is sure to make her day.

You can add the birthday card to her present or send it to her home address for a special surprise.

Birthday Gifts for Mum

A birthday gift for mum should be loving, sincere and fit her personality. It should also reflect her interests and preferences. For example, if your mum is a book lover, you might consider giving her a book by her favourite author. But what about a personalised book instead? You could opt for a diary or notebook in which she can write down all her notes and appointments, or for a personalised travel journal if she enjoys taking trips!

If she likes cooking or baking, you could give her a new kitchen gadget, such as an apron or a personalised recipe book for her to write down all her kitchen experiments. If she is into fashion, you could get her a new backpack with her name on it or a piece of jewellery that would look great on her. The key is to think about the gift and make sure that something is chosen that is really appreciated and liked. In addition, a personal and heartfelt message accompanying the gift would make it even more special and show how much you care.